11-13 November 2019
Singapore, Singapore
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Multi Stream Conference

Workshop One

High Performing Teams: Driving Engagement to Succeed at The Highest Level

This workshop is designed for employees to transition from being an expert to being able to adapt better in order to harness the different skills and attributes of the people within the organisation. Since no team is the same, this workshop will help leaders understand what makes their team tick to effectively resolve conflict situations and promote a positive work culture.

Workshop Two

Digital Transformation and Innovation: A Guide to Extracting Further Business Value

Award-winning organisations are easily thriving in the digital economy. Even so, companies should not be comfortable with their current revenue stream as successes of the past do not guarantee a future.

New technologies such as AI, robotics and IoT will replace all sorts of professions of the past. Leaders who are well aware of this and can use this to their advantage will be able to create an agile innovative business and those that ignore market movements will be left behind.

Workshop Four

Switch Thinking: Bridging The Thinking Gap to Drive Business Performance

Thinking in a single frame of mind not only limits performance but creates a thinking gap which defeats the purpose of companies working towards getting all employees on board the digital bandwagon. Switch thinking is a new concept which teaches business leaders to switch between their thought processes depending on the circumstances or situation that they are faced with to ensure that the solutions they come up with are the best ones.

Workshop Five

UX Design Principles: Fundamentals to Creating Successful User Experiences

This workshop includes practical exercises on how to apply the UX framework into your business. Participants will be guided on how to plan a UX workflow as well as fundamentals to help them reach their goals.

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